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The Center


The Center is a community-focused project, designed to provide a central resource “hub” for nonprofit organizations serving vulnerable children and families in Owensboro - Daviess County. The concept of The Center was developed from multiple community groups which recognized the need for co-location, genuine collaboration and effective communication between the organizations serving our community, as well as a central access point for local resource information. 

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Bright Ideas

 Our Bright Ideas are held on the first Friday of every month. During these meeting we use an adaption of the World Cafe model to develop groundbreaking ideas for reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ASCEs) and  creating stronger children and families.  The Brights Ideas  constructive conversations use the collective knowledge of our collaborators to create meaningful change.

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The Gateway Initiative

Owensboro's Gateway Academy, providing services to a vulnerable population of students to provide credit recovery, has identified truancy and chronic absenteeism as some of the most significant barriers to their students’ success. This program would incentivize attendance to affect change in the academic lives and long-term success of these young people. Participation in this program would not only reward students for consistent attendance but would also build financial literacy and assist students in creating opportunities for themselves through mentor ship.  

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